• Pantographs 2.0 cents/sq. inch - 2.5 cents/sq. inch  (Please click on Pantographs tab at the top of the page to see designs available)
  • Pantographs with custom borders - 2.5 cents/sq. inch - 3.0 cents/sq inch
  • Custom - 3.0 cents - 6.0 cents/sq. inch
  • Fix borders/piece backing/TLC - $20/hour
  • Minimum Charge is $50 per quilt.


I will supply the thread and it is included in the quilting fee.  The only exception is if the customer requests a specialty thread (such as variegated Lava, Rainbows or King Tut), then fee will be based on type of thread chosen.


Please feel free to provide your own batting, but for the convenience of my customers I have two different kinds of batting on hand.  

Quilters Dream Blend  - 92" wide - 40 cents/linear inch
- 70 % cotton, 30% poly
Gives a very traditional look to your quilt.

Quilters Dream Puff -  92" wide - 44 cents/linear inch
- 100% polyester
A loftier batting - 1/2 inch - 1/3inch thick.
"Light as a feather yet 1.5 times warmer than down and 2x warmer than most high loft polyesters. "

*NEW*  Quilt Basting for Hand or Domestic Machine Quilters

$.005/sq. inch

I supply the thread.  Your quilt backing, batting and top will be loaded onto my longarm frame and stitched 3-4 " apart with a basting stich (3-4 stitches per inch).  This will eliminate you having to crawl around on the floor and produce a nice flat quilt backing.

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