Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Red Work Sampler

This fabulous Red Work sampler was made my Trish.

This is Trish's first foray into embroidery, as she wanted a project to take with her on a 5 month RV trips touring the East Coast.  She finished the quilt top when she returned home.

We opted for a small bit of curved crosshatching over the red work as the circles were about 7" and would have been saggy and baggy without some stitching.  I used 100 wt Inivisfil thread and it really doesn't take away from the hand stitching.

I didn't to any stitch in the ditch in the sashings, and I love the effect on the back of the quilt.

It was a lot of fun helping to finish this quilt that is sure to hold special memories of a wonderful holiday.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Quilt Guild Challenge

My local quilt guild does a small challenge every year and I always try to participate. We are given 3 fat quarters which you can see above.  We can add as many or as few fabrics as we wish, as long as at least one piece of each of the challenge fabrics is included on the front.  It has to be quilted and be less than 100" in perimeter so that they can easily be hung in the local library.  

I had quite a big hate on for these particular fabrics as all I could envision was a baby quilt, but that was too big to fit the challenge.  I was staring at the fabric with rows of dots when an idea hit me,  I dug into my stash to get a bit of a visual.  That is what you see below.

And here is this final project.  

At our guild meeting, everyone one gets a ballot and votes for their favorite.  This prize is $25 cash and the "honour" of picking the challenge fabric for the coming year.  I was the lucky winner this year!!!

All of the candies were cut from the floral fabric.  I only added 4 fabrics - a snow dyed piece for the sky, the solid white, the brown for the gingerbread which was another hand dye, and a piece of green gradient for the tree and windows.

All of the applique was fused down and the edges were secured with a zig-zag stitch and Superior Monopoly thread.  I used a layer of Quilter's Dream Puff over a layer of Quilter's Dream Blend and quilted the entire thing with Superior Monopoly.  I just did enough quilting to online the main items and keep everything else nice and flat.

I was very pleased with how the binding detail came together.  Originally I thought I would just bind it with the stripe, but it was too overpowering as the whole binding.  As a piping detail it was just right.

I always like to put the challenge fabrics on the back if I can so that I remember what they looked like.  If you want to check out all the other projects, visit the Crocus Quilter's Guild blog here.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fancy Forest

This is Reneta's version of Elizabeth Hartman's Fancy Forest quilt.  This quilt is a bit of a labour of love.  It has A LOT of pieces!  2016 is the year Reneta committed to sewing her stash, and she was able to make almost this entire quilt less the background and the backing!

I recently quilted Reneta's Fancy Fox quilt with wood grain, and Reneta requested the same treatment on this one as they will be living in the same room.  We decided that the blue Stonehenge backing was a nice compliment.

I love how the woodgrain quilting adds texture without taking away from all of the work that went into piecing the top. There is so much to look at.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Glorious and Free

This stunning quilt was made by Lynn and is her adaption of the pattern "Glorious and Free" by Brandy Lynne Designs which you can see below.  Lynn wanted to make a queen size quilt for her son and daughter-in-law instead of the original that fits within the Quilts of Valour size parameters.

Lynn left left the quilting designs up to me, but requested no feathers and something slightly modern.  I knew the maple leaf had to be the star of the show and I quilted stylized veins with curls.

I added "3's and e's " to the other red selection to keep a similar feel.

I decided to quilt wood grain in the black background section.

The white sections got a contrasting horizontal linear treatment.

I kept the border treatments fairly simple.  Loops,  swirl/banana combo (that needs a better name) and piano keys.  I am grateful that Lynn took the time to stitch down the white flange so it didn't get in the way.

If you are semi-local and want to see this and some other beautiful quilts in person check out the Beausejour Quilt Show.

Beautiful job Lynn!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Pansies in Paradise



This beautiful quilt was made by Eileen.  It was a whole lot of piecing, but I think it was worth it.  I certainly enjoyed quilting it. 


This is the original quilt kit that Eileen fell in love with.  The pattern is called Pansies in Paradise.  It was a lap size quilt and was available as a kit.  When Eileen was here visiting we got talking about making it for her queen size bed and how that would change the look of the quilt.  I used my EQ7 software to draw up the layout to help visualize things. This original pattern used 12” blocks.  When we put the 12” blocks into the larger quilt, some of the original feeling was lost as it got quite busy.  I suggested to Eileen that she consider scaling everything up and using 15” blocks.  The result has more of the feeling of the original and it would require less sewing!  (30 blocks as opposed to 63!!!) Eileen bought 3 kits, but really only needed 2 1/2 to create the queen size version.

eileen 12  inchelieen 15 inch


I think she made the right choice!  The quilt has some breathing room, and you can appreciate all of the pansy fabrics that she was drawn to originally.


DSCN7277Eileen is one of my clients who doesn’t care for a lot of feathers.  She did agree to this style to highlight the cream frames.  Everything in moderation!


The rest of the quilting in the body of the quilt was continuous curves, curls and loops and a few straight lines.  We decided that stitching in the ditch was not required in the majority of the quilt.  I only used two thread colors for the entre quilt.  Cream in the frames and one shade of purple everywhere else.


The two border fabrics did a good job of hiding what I quilted.  At least you can check it out on the back.


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

An Eventful Weekend!


I was lucky enough to be able to spend this past weekend with my dear friend Kathy. She drove down to Dauphin from Flin Flon through not the best road conditions.  We spent Thursday doing some Highway 10 Designs business and attended the Crocus Quilter’s Guild meeting.  On Friday we headed to Winnipeg to take in the Manitoba Prairie Quilter's Show.  This isn’t the best picture of us as we were both a little hot and tired because of the crowds, but it was the only picture I got of us together.

IMG_4158A few of Kathy’s clients are members of the Manitoba Prairie Quilters so we got to see some of those quilts on display.  Notice the red ribbon in this picture – it won first place in the large commercially quilted category.  This didn’t really come as a surprise to me, Kathy does beautiful quilting and her client did a wonderful job putting this Arcadia Avenue quilt together.

IMG_4161Another really fun thing for us was seeing the beautiful samples some of the vendors had made of our quilt patterns.  This is City Slicker in the Road 17N booth.  We loved Shari’s version of this quilt. Shari has a lovely shop in Winkler, Manitoba and it is worth the short drive out of the city!


Lesile of Keystone Quilts surprised us with her version of “Not Your Mother’s Rail Fence”.  I’m not sure I would have thought to combine three solids and the modern floral, but the resulting quilt was really eye catching.  She also had a lovely batik version of the Detour runner, but I didn’t snap a photo.



Here I am being silly in the Fabriculous booth.  Wendy had this beautiful version of Quarter Sections and I just needed to touch it!  There were Highway 10 Design samples in every corner of her booth.


We returned to Dauphin on Sunday and even though there were some snowflakes coming down we fired up the wood oven to make pizza. Kathy and I only see each other in person a couple of times a year, so it was an occasion worth celebrating.


Kathy headed back to Flin Flon on Monday, but the celebrating continued at our house.  My oldest daughter Kyla turned 18.  I am really the mother of an adult? I’m not sure where the time went!  FullSizeRender