Monday, January 8, 2018

Traction by Highway 10 Designs

Today is the day that we launch our latest Highway 10 Designs pattern - Traction.  We are pleased to offer both traditional paper patterns or PDF downloads in our Etsy store.  

I am so please with the final product and excited to share it with you. This pattern does not require any specialty rulers, just a standard 6" x 24" ruler with 60 degree agree markings will do!  The pattern also includes instructions for three sizes - Lap, Double and Queen.

 The original idea for the pattern surfaced early in 2016, but the best way to approach piecing it wasn't initially obvious.  Kathy and I attended a retreat in the summer of 2016 and worked out many of the kinks, but the tweaking and perfecting process of writing this pattern took us to 2018!    The pattern is an intermediate level, but it comes together much more easily than you would imagine at first glance.  Kathy pieced the yellow and black version you see above and the pretty pink version you see below.

Both of these versions have a complementary pantograph for the quilting. The different color choices really change the look of the pattern don't they?

I pieced the grey and turquoise version that always seemed destined to be our "cover girl" so she got the custom quilting treatment.

I extended the diamonds shapes into the border and surrounded them with pebbles for interest.  

Some loops and shells and a bit of ruler work brought it all together. 

One of the tasks that always is a bit challenging is coming up with just the right pattern name.  We kept seeing tire tracks in the snow (or mud) so it only made sense to dub it "Traction" right?

Along with paper copies of Traction, we are now also able to offer paper copies of our Stellar pattern.  You can learn more about that one here.  Visit our Etsy store or contact us for wholesale inquires.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Eileen's Not Your Mother's Rail Fence

I recently had the pleasure of quilting Eileen's version of our Highway 10 Designs pattern "Not Your Mother's Rail Fence".  I never tire of quilting one of our designs!

Eileen was able to pull all of the fabrics for this quilt from her stash.  The yardage amounts that she had helped to dictate the color placement in the pattern.

We decided on the Dusty Miller panto (which is one I seem to rarely use) that just seemed to suit this quilt perfectly.  Eileen also selected my navy wide Stonehenge backing fabric.

If you are interested in making this pattern yourself it is available in our Etsy store in traditional paper format or as a pdf download, or ask your local fabric store about bringing it in for you.

Color really changes the look of the quilt!   Thanks for letting me spend some time with your quilt Eileen!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Mia's Parade

I recently had the pleasure of quilting this sweet baby quilt for Cindy.  The pattern is Mia's Parade by The Quilt Patch. I always like to personalize a baby quilt if they come to me after the baby has been born.  I asked Cindy if she wanted to add the baby's name to the quilt and if she wanted the name to be boldly on the quilt on more subtly snuck in.  She said she preferred bold and once Alexander arrived and the name was confirmed, she  left the rest up to me.

I played with some design ideas using my iPad and the "Draw On Photo" app.  I didn't have a full plan going in, but I did figure out a spacing for the letters that I was happy with so I could use that as a reference.

I started with the letters.  I drew many a bubble letter on title pages in Junior High school (I'm dating myself now), and it seems to be a skill that translated easily to quilting!  Next I added the balloons.

At first I wasn't sure what to do to fill in the open spaces between the balloons and the elephants.  I decided some ribbons on the balloons and some hearts blowing from the elephant trunks would be just right.

Then, what do I do with the background areas?  I decided to differentiate the ground and the sky so some pumpkin seeds on the bottom and some wispy clouds to finish it off.

I can't really imagine having more fun quilting than I did completing this one.  I am thankful for trusting customers like Cindy who let me play!

Reneta's Pixelated Heart Quilt

Reneta made this super cute baby quilt off some ideas she saw on Pinterest.  The picture that caught her eye first were from the blog post from Renewing Mrs. Sew & Sew.  The original idea came from Blue Elephant Stitches and you can see that version here.  Reneta used 3" squares and added her own borders ideas to make a rectangular rather than square quilt.

Reneta has originally asked for a flowery panto, but nothing I had seemed the right scale, so when I suggested Heart Strings, Reneta was on board.  I normally choose more matching thread, especially on the back, but I decided to do a medium pink front and back.  The Dream Puff batting makes for a lovely weight with flannel backing.

This is such a sweet quilt and aside from the back ground came right from the pink scrap bucket.  Inspired to make your own?

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Sherry's Leaf Row Quilt

 This is Sherry's version of the leaf row quilt.  If I am counting correctly this is the 7th one I've had the pleasure of quilting. If you are interested in seeing the others, type the words "Leaf row" in the search box on the right side bar. 

Sherry was one of the leaders of the project and she asked me to share this story.  I dropped this quilt off to Sherry's house and we didn't look at it together as we normally would have.  When she unfolded it the first thing she saw was a "glaring piecing mistake".  Hmm, I didn't notice a quilting error when I was working on it.  I let you see if you can spot it at all before I share where it is.

Sherry asked for a simple panto and she decided on Bora Bora which feels like the wind blowing the leaves in the fall.  With the fabrics Sherry used in her border and sashing custom quilting would have been lost, so a panto was a great choice.

This block has a 3D stem for added interest.


I also like the little bit of interest that this simple but effective border adds.

Sherry's quilts often have a scrappy component to them, but I would called it "controlled scrappy."  She has a way of adding just the right amount of an unexpected color to make the quilt sparkle.  The teal blue below is one such example.

I also love the little ladybugs farming this block.  Just one piece, not a lady bug infestation!

So, have you figured out what Sherry's error was?  Actually the block above is the culprit.   I was too focused on enjoying the lady bugs to see that in the third row from the bottom, all the leaves have framing on two sides except for this one that has three.  I'm sure many of us would leave it and move on, but Sherry can't unsee it, so she is working out a plan to either applique over the extra green bar with beige, or add an extra green bar or two to balance things out.  (Sherry is extremely accomplished at hand applique so this is a viable option for her).  She will stitch in any missing quilting lines when she is done and no one will ever know what used to be.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Polar Frost

Cathy made this cozy quilt from Northcott's Polar Frost collection.  It is flannel front and back and the crisp white and icy blues are just perfect.

Cathy selected the Fascination panto and had one request for me.  She was really hoping that the quilting wouldn't go through the eyes of the bears in the large panel.  (She had seen a finished quilt and the stitching lines through the eyes really didn't sit well with her.)

This is how I fulfilled her request.  When is was time to start the panto row , I dropped my needle in to the bear's eye. 

Then I headed to the back of the machine and laid a piece of plastic over the panto and marked the spot where the laser light was shining.  I knew that for this one I just needed to stop short of the point and all would be well.

For the baby bear, I had to redraw the panto line ever so slightly as you can see below.

Such a fun quilt to cuddle up with winter!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Fat Quarter Place Mat Tutorial and more

I recently have a had few requests to make my Fat Quarter Place Mat tutorial into a PDF download.  Well, ask and you shall receive!  I have added a new page to my blog called "Tutorials and Freebies" that you can see above.  The free download is available there.

I also had a number of requests for the instructions for these cute fabric baskets that Kathy and I made for our retreat participants in October.  Many have the retreat attendees have been making multiples and everyone seems to want in on the action.  There are lots of basket tutorials out there.  This is is super fast, and if you have two coordinating fat quarters you can make two baskets.  There is no interfacing or fancy stabilizer.  We used 2 pieces of fabric and a batting scrap.  They are also reversible.  Again the pdf download will live on the page above.

I also found pictures of a quilt that I hadn't yet shared.  Our Nimble Thimbles Quilting Club in Gilbert Plains have two members who have some health concerns and as a group we wanted to send them a little love.  We pieced two of these 10 Minute Block Quilts and I had the privilege of quilting one of them.

I repeated a design I did on another 10 Minute Block Quilt because I just loved it so much.