Thursday, January 17, 2013

Two Wonderful Things

I just want to share two things that brought me joy this week.  First, I was able to get the top of my Just Takes 2 quilt top put together.  I had to shuffle blocks around from the given layout to balance out the colors, but I am very pleased with the final result.

Now to figure out how to quilt it!

Secondly, I now have a logo for my business! My wonderful friend Dawn Piasta is not only an amazing quilter, but she is pretty handy with graphics software as well! I dropped of a little doodle of what I had in mind and she transformed it into what you see here.  I couldn't be happier.  Thanks Dawn, you are a woman of many talents!!!


  1. Oh wow! That is an amazing quilt, lucky for you, you get to quilt it and I love your logo!

  2. Now that I've seen yours put together I can hardly wait to work on my block this Saturday.
    Love the new logo, Dawn did an awesome job!

  3. Your Take Two is awesome! What a way to showcase your hand dyes and your quilting. I am sure it will be a custom affair. I am looking forward to helping Kathy shuffle her blocks on Saturday if she allows me some say. Your new logo is great.

  4. Again, you amaze me, very nice collection of blocks, and put together so nicely. As for your logo, I love love love, anything with owls. Just call me an owly old bird.

  5. You definitely did have a wonderful day! Both the quilt top and logo look great!
    Still think you and Kathy should quilt each other's quilts!

  6. Love your new logo. Simple, elegant, says it all!



    PS love the top too!!!

  7. Like the logo, especially the little feathers subtlety at the side.

  8. So now that my internet is up and running.....great blog and I love the logo! Congrats on the start of your new business!!! You are an amazing quilter and I just know this will not only be a fun adventure but one that can be shared with a wonderful group of people. Good Luck Lori:)

  9. Logo is great and your quilt top looks really nice and bright. I can hardly wait to see how you quilt yours and how Kathy quilts hers. You two should get together when done so we can see the two together.

  10. Beautiful! It didn't occur to me to change the colors (I didn't sew any of the blocks.) but I really like the way you did this. How did you pick which colors to use? I mean, did you do the first block in red, the next in orange, yellow, etc or did you Do each month so all those blocks were in the same color?

    Logo is very nice - the little feathers on the right are a perfect touch to add.