Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Baby Charm Quilt

This cute baby quilt belongs to Sheri.  The fabrics had great cartoon animals and the "Gummy Bears" panto seemed like the perfect fit. I used Dream Puff batting and Omni thread.   

Sheri provided a minky backing fabric.  When I first saw it I was a little concerned as I had never quilted with minky before.  I did my research on how most longarmers handle loading the stretchy fabric, and then did the opposite!  Most people load the fabric with the stretch perpendicular to the rollers. This seemed opposite to my thinking, but the overriding factor for me was the nap of the fabric.  I knew I wanted to have the nap running from head to toes on those cute little bears, not side to side.  So I loaded the fabric with the stretch parallel to the rollers.  I was careful to watch the tension in my side clamps. I am happy to report it didn't give me any problems, and I no longer need to fear minky.

1 comment:

  1. Super cute. Love the Gummi Bears. Perfect for the quilt. Sheri is going to love this one.