Thursday, August 21, 2014


This is Cheri's Hopstoch quilt that she made for her daughter's graduation.  We decided on a new panto in my collection called "Lithe".  It has a nice even texture and the design complimented the fabrics Cheri used really well.

Lithe by Lorien Quilting

Cheri made this quilt a little bigger than her original plan which meant she had to get a little creative to increase the size of the backing as well.  I love the added interest on the back!

When I was recently at Road 17N in Winkler I found some fabric that I just couldn't leave behind.

 I have had a bare window in my studio forever and thought it was time I fixed that problem!  Simple but I love my Night Owl curtains!


  1. The Lithe panto is very interesting and calming. Those Night Owl curtains are super sweet. Just the right addition.

  2. That panto looks great on Cheri's quilt! Love the curtains, just perfect for that space!

  3. Hey Lori - love the curtains! I guess they just had your name on them!