Sunday, July 15, 2018

Magic Tiles

Bonnie brought over this classic quilt top made from Kathleen Bissett's Magic Tile Pattern.  This pattern was extremely popular a decade or two ago, and really stands the test of time as it makes into a very striking quilt.  

It took my awhile to decide what quilting options to choose.  At first, I hesitated to sew across the thin black sashing as it was so crisp I didn't want to muddy it up.  I knew the two borders would allow some custom quilting to show, and wanted something dense enough in the center to balance that out.  I felt stitching in the ditch beside the black only would leave the center feeling a little flat, so I opted for a simple pantograph called "Raindrops"for the center.

You can see the quilting on the Stonehenge backing Bonnie selected from me.

I did a simple feather with a curl in the turquoise outer border, and a new to me twist on my regular curls in the black border.  I used a dark turquoise thread in the outer border and center and a charcoal grey on the black border.

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