Sunday, April 14, 2019

Fancy Forest Baby (aka Quilt Miracle of 2019)

Reneta made this fantastic baby quilt for her future daughter-in-law to give as a shower gift.  The pattern is Fancy Forest by Elizabeth Hartman.  Reneta amazes me with how much she can produce in a year, but now she has amazed me with her sheer determination and willingness to meet a deadline.  

Reneta agreed to make this quilt awhile ago and the shower date seemed far into the future.  When her daughter-in-law asked how the quilt was coming along on the Wednesday before the Sunday shower, Reneta snapped into action.  Her goal was to have a top to wrap up for Sunday, and being the supportive friend that I am, I totally doubted her and said there was no way that it could be done, as she also works as teacher. The pattern of choice is not just a simple nine patch! But I did offer that if she could actually get the top together and my machine was momentarily empty  I would love to be part of "Quilt Miracle 2019." 

Reneta put in a long evening on Thursday.  I got a few text updates as she completed blocks.  She put in an even longer evening on Friday, and got back at it Saturday morning.  The text updates kept coming - it looked like I would be proven wrong.   I had the quilt in my hands around 3:00 pm  Saturday afternoon.  She knew wood grain was her quilting pattern of choice as I have done that on other Elizabeth Hartman patterns for her, so no decisions needed to me made.  Reneta had the quilt back after supper with enough time left to bind it and have a completed quilt show up at the shower the next day.  Never doubt a quilter on a mission!


  1. This is stunning, the owl's eyes. the others there to be friends, and the quilting, maybe a miracle but made and finished with love.

  2. Oops, that reads like your quilting was the miracle, not what I meant, but the whole project all done in a flash. Some of us work so much better with a deadline looming too quickly, That woodgrain stitching is perfect , representing ( in my eyes) the trees they all live in or near.