Thursday, June 14, 2012

First Quilt

I am very excited to say that I finally found the time to load a quilt on the frame yesterday.

This little baby top was made from some Northcott Fat quarters that I had won back in 2008.  Kathy and I entered a block challenge and ending up winning $1000 of fat quarters.  We divided up the collections and this was my share (minus the purple section in the top right corner that we shared and used to make this charity quilt.)

Most of the collections had between 6 and 12 fat quarters so it has been a bit of a challenge putting them to good use.  All this "free" fabric has also sparked other fabric purchases to use it up.  I still have about 1/2 of these left!

I decided to give the Flying Paisley panto a try as many of the fabrics had a paisley design on them. 

 I had some Warm & Natural batting that was just the right size and I tried the sample cone of ONMI thread  on top and So Fine in the bobbin.

In progress...

The front...
The back.

This picture does not have the best color but you can really see the texture that the panto gives the quilt.

I have never really loved this quilt top, but I am pleased with my first effort on the longarm.  It came off flat and square with good tension.  My panto following skills are not quite where I want them to be, but for the first one out of the gate I am very happy.  I could see improvement from the first row to the last and that is all I can ask for.  All that is left is the binding.

Thanks for checking in on me!



  1. Kudos. Your first try looks great. It won't be long until practise makes perfect. I can't believe you still have about half of your winnings left. Happy longarming. A

  2. Great job Lori. I also can't believe you have half of the fat quarters left. You make so many quilts!!! Actually if you are anything like me you have fabrics from years ago yet and some that you don't know why you bought in the first place!!!

  3. Those fabrics are still haunting me! :)

  4. Good job Lori, I knew you had it in you to excel. Robin

  5. Quilt looks great, You did a fantastic job for a first quilt. You are a natural.

  6. You are going to be great! This quilt looks wonderful!! Nice job. :)