Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hello September!

I can't believe it has been over a month since I posted anything here!  What have I been doing over the last month or so??

We did take a wonderful holiday back to Flin Flon. We had lots of time to do some geocaching, fishing, tubing, relaxing and visiting.   I got to see many of my quilting friends at a lovely gathering hosted by my wonderful friend Kathy.  Here we are.  Kathy also surprised me with this pantograph as a gift. I love it, and have to find just the right quilt for it!

I was caught up on my Just Takes 2 blocks before we left on our trip.  Now I am two sets behind again!

I had to totally disassemble my quilting/sewing room to allow for some ceiling demolition before the installation of a new furnace and air conditioner, so I didn't really get a whole lot of quilting done myself, but my two quilting apprentices were busy getting things finished before school started.

Kyla quilted her "Uptown Girl" quilt with the "Dainty" Pantograph.  I think she did a pretty great job.


We dyed the turquoise fabric for the back as well.  She used Quilter's Dream Puff batting.  It is really light and has great loft.  I had never tried this batting before, and I am very pleased with the results.


Kendra's "Bella" quilt got the Daisy Bounce Panto.

It was a little fiddly working around the applique, but worth it in the end.  She chose a green color for us to dye her backing.  We dyed a white-on-white wide fabric and it turned out very pretty.  She also chose the Dream Puff batting.  She is pleased with the results.

Now to teach them how to do bindings.  Hopefully they enjoy that job more than their mother does!


  1. The girls did a fantastic job with there quilts! Love the colors they chose to dye the backs too.

    Funny how we made our Take Two blocks with the same colors this time!

  2. Хорошая помощница! Будущий квилтер!!!!