Friday, October 26, 2012

Bloggers' Quilt Festival

This is my first time participating in the Blogger's Quilt Festival.  Thanks for stopping by to have a look. I decided to pull an older quilt that has a really neat story behind it. In 2008 our guild hosted a round robin.  We started off with any block for the center and participants were given instructions to follow for each round.  It was really fun watching the changes every month.

 This was the block I brought.  It was a mystery block that was paper pieced.

Lynn got my quilt first and the instructions were to add a pieced border.  I think the Easter eggs were the perfect touch.

Next the instructions were to make the quilt "not square".  Sandra enhanced it with an egg shape.

Eileen was to add a border, keeping the "not square" shape.  Eileen could see that less was more in this situation and added a border that didn't overpower what was already there.

Robin was next and her instructions were to "Return to square/rectangle."  I got some bonus appliqued butterflies too!

Last of all Marg added the final border and embellishments. Pieced border, ribbon embroidery, hundreds of buttons and a chick!

Then it was my job to quilt it. I quilted this one on my Janome 6600 as it was long before I owned my longarm. I had a lot of fun and pushed myself to do many new things.  (I only broke a few buttons in the process.)

As I didn't want to take away for the cool pieced border I used a facing method instead of a traditional binding to finish the quilt.
Now for a few quilt stats:

Finished size: 25 x 32
Techniques Used: Paper Piecing, applique, embellishments, Round Robin
Quilted by me
Category: Best Wall Hanging

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again!  Be sure to check out all the eye candy during the Festival.


  1. I love the addition of the button flowers.

  2. This is impossibly cute! Love love love the button detail!

  3. Its lovely - great round robin idea too! Thanks for sharing. #263

  4. You mean my Janome 6600 will do that?? LOL! Beautiful job. Love the use of buttons, too!

  5. Love round robin quilts! This is one is so cute. The buttons are the bomb ;-)

  6. what a charming quilt -- I'm nominating you for best group quilt.

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    applique, hand quilt, wall hanging

    and #23 antique zigzag quilt