Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just Takes 2

I really had let myself get behind on my Just Takes 2 blocks. I hadn't sewn any since the beginning of August!   I was able to use our guild's UFO day on Saturday to make my way through 8 blocks and finished the rest up today.  Good thing as the next set of instructions comes out tomorrow!  Caught up for about 12 hours - Yay me!    I am pretty happy as to date that is 75 blocks completed!

Set 16 - August 15

I really like how the purple one looks.  The orange one had a shockingly large number of pieces!

Set 17 - September 1

The "crumbs" from the large purple block were the perfect size to use for the row of flying geese.  That was cool.

Set 18 - September 15

Set 19 - October 1

I really like the pink "pretzel" block.  When I was appliqueing the keys down all I could think of was unlocking the Caramilk secret!

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  1. Are you making the blocks out of your dyed fabrics, this looks like it will be a fantastic quilt