Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Introducing... Alternate Routes by Highway 10 Designs

I am SO EXCITED to finally share the latest adventure that my dear friend Kathy & I are taking together...

Kathy & I have self published a pattern called Alternate Routes that is now available as an instant PDF download in our Etsy Shop.  Kathy's version is featured on the pattern cover that you see here.

And here is my version.

The cool thing about this pattern is that it has seemingly endless layout possibilities.  We have included 20 examples in the pattern itself, but we know there are oodles more once you start playing around with the blocks.

  Kathy and I have worked on many things together in the past, but this is our first truly original design.  It was conceived as a project to use in our respective Quilt Guilds, which we did, but we knew we needed to take the next step as we felt we had something worth sharing.  We are very proud of our first-born pattern,  and (now that the leaning curve has gotten smaller) we are looking forward the next one.

I took hundreds of pictures so I am going to share a few more....  I used the Paisley panto on this quilt with a lavender thread on top and a charcoal to match the backing fabric which I just love.

Be sure to check Kathy's blog for some beautiful photos of her quilt.  And I can't end this post before saying a big thank you to our proof readers Desley and Eileen, you ladies are amazing and helped more than you know!


  1. Lori, a big congratulations to you and Kathy...this pattern looks wonderful! I'm so excited for you both and your future adventures!! Way to go!!

  2. Congratulations. You and Kathy are a team that never fail to excite others with your quilting ideas. I wish you all the best with your new venture and you know that I will be following your progress. I must also add that the photography is awesome. Love the choice of locations.

  3. Fabulous the Business name, love the Quilts, Congratulations to both of you!!!!