Sunday, September 22, 2013

Robin's Stars

This quilt belongs to Robin and she used a variety of ideas to come up with her own design.  The stars in the center of the quilt are made like the ones in this tutorial.  Robin always does amazing things with scraps (or what some would just consider garbage).  She was able to create all the pinwheels in the border from the trimmings from the star blocks - smart cookie isn't she?

I wanted the star points and pinwheels to pop so they were stitched in the ditch and I added a small geometric element to the center of the stars.  The background got a couple of different fills, some swirls behind the stars and some curls in between the pinwheels.

The outer border got  bead board and I wanted something interesting for the light border.  Regular feathers didn't feel right, but the squared off feathers and curls seemed to fit the bill.

And the back.


  1. Lori, I really like what you quilted in the stars and cornerstones of the pinwheel border. Robin is amazing when it comes to using scraps. A little pun--she is the cookie lady in more ways than one.

  2. It's gorgeous Lori. Love the feather elements, and the shapes in the stars.