Sunday, June 15, 2014

Introducing...... Quarter Sections

I am very excited to share the latest pattern from Highway 10 Designs.

The idea for this pattern came from two main sources - requests from our quilter friends to come up with a pattern to use up the Fat Quarter stash they have accumulated over the years and an interest in the Fibonacci Sequence (yes a little bit of a math geek here.)  Kind of an odd combination but we are thrilled with the end result.

We designed this pattern to make really good use of your Fat Quarters. (From a standard fat quarter you aren't left with much more than one 3 1/2" square!)  Easy construction makes this one go together really quickly.  Made entirely of squares it is also great for a beginner as there are no triangle points to cut off!

Quarter Sections is available as a PDF download in our Etsy and Craftsy shops and includes Baby, Lap, Twin, Double, Queen & King sizes. Paper copies will be available soon.

Now, I always love to hear some of the stories behind the scenes..... Naming a quilt seems to be one of the most difficult parts of the process for us.  When we had a look at the finished top we we reminded of the bird's eye view of the Canadian Prairies. 

We tossed around many a name, but "Quarter Sections" just seemed to fit. (For our readers from afar who aren't making the connection, you can check out information on our land survey system here.) 

Normally when Kathy and I publish a pattern we leave the photography in her capable hands - she has a gift and enjoys it as your can see everyday on her blog.  This time out we decided that my geographical area was the right back drop, so I said I would give it my best shot.

It took more than a few than a few tries to get it right. Here are some of the highlights.  First time out I was alone, but found a location I thought would work.  Wind wasn't really cooperating but I thought I would take a few shots and get some feedback from Kathy.  

With advice on a better angle to try, blue skies and my wonderful husband along I thought attempt number two would be a piece of cake - not quite.

The weather was not cooperating for days and days so I was beginning to think that would be the best I would do. But then on Friday there was a calm before the next storm, so I headed off alone again, hoping for the best.  The dust from each passing truck took a long time to settle.

But, finally the shot I was searching for!

I think it all turned out okay in the end, but I will be happy to leave the photography up to Kathy next time.  Check out what she has to say about our latest pattern here.

If you would like to see our designs at your local quilt store wholesale inquiries are welcome through email:


  1. Congratulations, to both of you. You certainly are as persistence with conquering the wind as you are with math. Love the new design. I will wait for my paper copy. :)

  2. Congratulations! it's wonderful...I think it's the perfect name for it, suits it so well.