Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Quarter Sections

This version of "Quarter Sections" was made by Reneta.  I was hoping to get some shots in the sunshine, but that was not meant to be, so these pictures will have to do.

Reneta did not use a collection of fabric for this quilt she used her collection.  She almost had a little trouble cutting into them as she had gathered them over many years and many stores.  I recognize some Holly Taylor and some Thimbleberries from years gone by.

We decided on the "Autumn Oaks" panto and the very blendy  So Fine #489 - Lewis & Clark thread.  Reneta chose one of my new Stonehenge backings in a nice dark brown and we used Quilter's Dream Blend Batting.

It is always special for me to be able to quilt a quilt made from one of our Highway 10 Designs patterns.   Reneta really understood how the name of this pattern came to be.  She definitely saw the quarter sections of land in the prairie landscape from above,  Reneta's family recently sold a farm that was very special to many people.  She asked me to personalize this quilt by adding in the land description of the farm.  I always love adding a personal touch to quilts, and this was just so fitting.

. We saw about 20 cm (about 7 1/2") of snow fall yesterday, so  I am definitely going to be enjoying a white Christmas

Photo credit: Jean-Louis Guillas.

 From my house to yours I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!


  1. Very nice ladies, and I love the personal touch. It makes the quilt so much more meaningful.

  2. It turned out great and the panto design choice was perfect.