Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Dorothy's Circle Quilt

This unique quilt was made by Dorothy.   Dorothy always starts with a pattern and makes it her own and this time out is no exception.  Dorothy left the quilting decisions up to me, the only thing that was a request was that I bring out the circles in the body of the quilt.

I used diagonal lines that followed the direction of the piecing in the background, and added petals into the circles and varied the design in each circle.

I wanted the small circles on the black background to float, so i kept the design horizontal and quite neutral behind them.

In the three borders I did single loops, triple loops and a piano key that varied between straight and wavy lines.

To assist in marking the spacing of the piano keys in the solid black sections of the border, I pulled out my Simflex gauge.  It is a sewing tool that was created to equally spacing button holes or dress pleats, but as it easily expands and contracts it made marking the piano key spacing much quicker than measuring each one with a ruler.  I used the pieced section as my guide, and adjusted the tool to that spacing and then marked in each piano key with a small chalk mark.