Monday, July 11, 2016

A pair of pretty quilts and a furry friend

This first quilt was made by Vanda.  We decided that a simple panto was the order of the day because the fabrics and pattern had enough interest.  Vanda selected the "Raindrops" panto.

While I was snapping a few photos I had a bold visitor.  I thought he was going to hop right on the pretty quilt!

This blond rabbit is a very unique color.  All of the others in the neighborhood a dark brown now in the summer.  He is cute and very friendly.

The second quilt of the day was made by Karen.  The was got some freehand quilting as attempting a panto with the loose prairie points would not have been fun.

Hearts, swirls and flowers were the perfect motifs to play with for this little girl's quilt.  And of course the minky shows it all off so well.

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