Saturday, July 9, 2016

Amy's Cross Stitch Heart Quilt

Amy made this charming quilt as a present for a wedding that she is attending this weekend.  Amy left the quilting decisions up to me, but she did request that I quilt "McMillan Est. 2016" somewhere on the quilt.  She asked me to make it bold, as she made a similar quilt for herself and her last name is a little hidden.

I love how the personalization turned out, but I really was worried when I started the stitching.

I started out with a single green thread and the results were awful.  I thought maybe if I added a second line of stitching over top of the first I might be okay.  It looked like I was quilting drunk!  (I didn't take a photo of that.)  But, instead of ripping out my stitches I decided to keep going.

Apparently a lot of thread was just what the quilt needed.  I just kept going over and over it until I was satisfied that it was all filled in.  Phew!

I quilted a feathered hear inside the cross-stiched heart, although it is a little hard to see.  I filled the white background with teardrops and pebbles.

The outer border was crying out for feathers, and I had fun with hears and curls in the other two borders.  

Great job Amy, I'm sure this gift will be treasured.

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