Sunday, November 5, 2017

Hawaiian Summer in the Park

This happy version of "Summer in the Park" was made by Cindy.    (You can find the video tutorial here). She collected the fabrics on a trip to Hawaii and this quilt will stay with her and be a special memory of that trip.

Cindy chose the Bora Bora panto and it reminds me of wind and waves so perfect for this quilt.

I really wanted to use yellow thread on the front and blue thread on the back and as you can see here, it is possible to get balanced tension!  (Love my Innova!)

Such a fun and cheerful quilt!

I have been having a lot of quilty fun away from home over the past couple of weeks.  This group retreated at Fabriculous and had a lot of fun, including painting mini barn quilts.

And the following weekend this fun group gathered in Roblin, MB and traveled to the Saskatoon Quilt Show in a rented decommissioned Handivan!

We needed a driver with the proper level license, and my wonderful husband agreed to take on the challenge!  Husband of the year??

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  1. Yes, He gets full marks for driver designation. What a happy group together, and before winter sets in, good times to do the outings and quilty get-togethers. Sunshine, and a super design for the quilting.