Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Hoffman Supernova Seasons

My friend Wendy from Fabriculous recently asked if I wanted to try my hand at quilting one of the new Hoffman Supernova Seasons panels.  Shortly after I said yes, my mind went blank and I had no idea what I should do!

 I decided to use the fabric design as my guide, and chalked the circle on before I loaded the panel onto my machine.  I stitched around the reindeer and two lines for the circle.  Next I followed the fabric design and stitched the straight lines in the center of the circle.  The distance between the lines varies, I just tried to keep with the angle of fabric design.

A curling feather border on the outside of the circle finished it all off.  This was a fun little quilting only project.  Small enough to easily handle on a domestic machine too!

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