Friday, May 24, 2019

Western Blackford's Beauty

Jamie brought me this western themed Blackford's Beauty quilt.  The blocks were made as part of an exchange at her quilting group.  Jamie supplied the fussy cut centres and the white background fabric and participants added the blue, red and cream from their stashes.

Jamie wanted custom quilting on this one, and we worked together with her and ideas and my suggestions to come up with a quilting plan.  I used two colors of thread on this one, white in the background and a charcoal grey on the colored areas. Jamie suggested the charcoal color as some of the design elements reminded her of wrought iron which suited the quilt perfectly.

This mix of straight lines and freehand curls and loops came together nicely.

Sometimes photographing quilts is the hardest part of the job.  The wind was giving me a run for my money for a week, but I persevered and got some okay pictures in the end!

The almost solid backing shows off the quilting design so well and almost makes it seems reversible.

1 comment:

  1. The lines give a new look to each block, and love the design, the colours, and a windy photo shoot. That shows the back so well,