Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Holidays Tree Skirt #2

This is another tree skirt made by Cheri, this time for her daughter Carmen.  Carmen requested fabric with words on it, and Cheri found these cute coordinates. 

Cheri requested an all over design for this one, so a mix of holly, berries, curls and ribbons it was.

Painting is complete in our living room. Here is one in progress shot.  I had a hard time picking a color for the fireplace wall. It was a little scary committing, but I was assured that we could paint over it we didn't like it, so we went bold.

I am very happy with the result, and surprised how little time it took me to get used to such a bold color. I think it is a big improvement over what we had before. Now we are working on adding a wood mantle to the stone fireplace.  We are trying to decide on proportions, and think we might make it a little thinner.

Now I have to decide on a color to stain it.  Nolan stained some off cuts with the variety of stains we have on hand. I think I know what I like, but I always second guess myself.


  1. The back of the fireplace looks so much better. I looked at the before picture and I am not keen on the rocks either. Looks a lot more modern now, and I like the colour.

  2. Love the colour of your wall. My choice of stain from this picture would be back row 1st or 3rd one.

  3. it looks fantastic. i wouldn't go too light with the stain, or it won't stand out from the fireplace. found you on blogathon!