Thursday, January 9, 2014

Winter Star Mug Mats

I am happy to have something to share! We had a wonderful holiday season, but it is nice to get back to a regular routine!  Our guild is having our holiday celebration this week and one of the items we are to bring is a mug rug for an exchange.  I was struggling to find an inspiration until Karen who blogs at Sew Karen-ly Created shared this Winter Star Mug Mat.  She is offering her pattern for FREE on the Craftsy site.  It came at the perfect time.  I decided to make one for the exchange and one for myself.

The pattern has great instructions - it is paper pieced with an applique center.
When it came time for the quilting, I wasn't sure if I was going do these little items on my Janome (it has been a while since I did that), or if I should do them on the long arm.  The longarm was empty, so even though it seemed a little bit like overkill, I decided on the Innova.

A little ditching, some tiny stipples and a free hand spiral and before I knew it they were done.  It is a little hard to see in the pictures below, but I had a little indecision with the grey Magnifico threads I was using so I tried two different ones.

I am really pleased with how they turned out.  Thanks for sharing your lovely pattern Karen!


  1. Just beautiful, Lori! I so enjoyed seeing how you quilted these small mats on your long arm, and I love the swirl in the centre - a perfect choice.
    I've been to Dauphin many times in the past; what stands out in my memories is the beautiful, big Ukrainian church. I look forward to having opportunity to visit again someday. ~Karen

  2. Super sweet, Lori. I am going to access this pattern. It has lots of potential. Thanks, Karen for the pattern, and Lori for the inspiration. I am looking forward to a balmy day so I might not be quilting today. :)