Monday, June 29, 2020

Bonny's Star Quilt

This fresh quilt was made by Bonny for her daughter.  One focal fabric with some beautiful coordinating tone-on-tones and solids sure do make for a lovely quilt.

I would say that about half of my clients make quilt design decisions over email and/or text and half visit my studio and we come up with a plan in person. (Covid did increase the need for distant consultations this spring though!)  I am glad Bonny was able to bring this quilt in person as she made a much bolder thread choice than I would have suggested through photos, but I love the end result!

Bonny chose the Raindrops pantograph, one of my Northcott wide backings and a peachy brown thread.  The thread that looked like it matched the peach fabric when on the cone looked almost white on the solid blue sashing.  When I pulled out some darker options we found just the right one.  So Fine #417 called Antique Rose.  Auditioning odd threads sometimes results in the perfect fit!


  1. When you audition the threads, Do you pull off a length and drop it coiled onto the quilt, and see if it looks right, or spread it in a continuous length? I have tried both, and while the variegated threads look great in a coil, sometimes not so good when actually stitched. Love those colours with the blue sashing.

  2. Yes sometimes odd thread choices work surprisingly well. Nicely done.