Monday, October 30, 2023

All Roads Lead to the Sea

This wonderful quilt was brought to me by Lillianne for some custom quilting.  The pattern is called All Roads Lead to the Sea by Country Creations.

Quilts like this always take me a while to wrap my brain around and come up with a plan for all the different areas.  I wanted the sky and water to look different from each other and also different from the fields and paths and foliage.

Once I got going I had fun outlining the buildings and adding details when more quilting was needed.  My goal is always to add a even amount of quilting across the entire quilt so that it hangs or lays nice and flat.

I didn't match threads exactly to every fabric, but found I needed to use a total of 9 to blend nicely with all the different areas of the quilt.  Lillianne picked a beautiful array of fabrics from her stash to add interest to this quilt.

The perfect photo shoot location was at the Marine Museum of Manitoba right here in Selkirk.