Tuesday, May 31, 2016

New backings!

It was almost like Christmas here today! 

I received my Cantik batik "Homecoming" kit as well as 7 new colors of Stonehenge wide backing.

And here is a shot of my entire current selection.

 I just love all the Northcott Stonehenge wide backs -108" wide means no piecing and the quality is second to none.  I will have samples with me if anyone local is I need.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Pretty Quarter Sections

Sandra made this really pretty version of our Highway 10 Designs -  Quarter Sections pattern. Sandra dug into her leftovers from other projects in florals and pastels to put this top together.  She also got creative with the backing.

Sandra chose the Dainty panto to keep with the feminine feel.  

Spring is here at last!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Full Spectrum

This striking quilt was made by Bonnie for one of her granddaughters.  The pattern is called Full Spectrum by Rebecca Boline.  When I saw the bold and fun backing that Bonnie provided, I knew I could have a little fun with the quilting.

I used a varigated rainbow colored thread over the colored sections.  I just wanted to add some texture without fighting with the fabrics.

I opted for a shiny blue thread on the solid black fabrics, instead of the variagated as I didn't want to take away from the way the solid black set off the rest of the quilt. Loops in the small black sashing, and swirls and bananas in the outer border.

A very cheerful quilt, for not quite such a cheerful day outside.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Baby Hopscotch

This darling baby quilt was made using the Hopscotch pattern by Leanne.  I love the grey and yellow flannels she chose.

We decided on a freehand all over double circle pattern in a pretty yellow thread.  It think it turned out really cute.

Love the back too!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Turning Twenty

This is Connie's Turning Twenty quilt.  She was not over the moon about it when she dropped it off, but i was pretty sure she would like it more once it was quilted.

We selected the Trellis Vine panto and I think the texture that it adds is really great.  

I had to make sure to get a picture of this fun and funky backing too!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Red Work Sampler

This fabulous Red Work sampler was made my Trish.

This is Trish's first foray into embroidery, as she wanted a project to take with her on a 5 month RV trips touring the East Coast.  She finished the quilt top when she returned home.

We opted for a small bit of curved crosshatching over the red work as the circles were about 7" and would have been saggy and baggy without some stitching.  I used 100 wt Inivisfil thread and it really doesn't take away from the hand stitching.

I didn't to any stitch in the ditch in the sashings, and I love the effect on the back of the quilt.

It was a lot of fun helping to finish this quilt that is sure to hold special memories of a wonderful holiday.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Quilt Guild Challenge

My local quilt guild does a small challenge every year and I always try to participate. We are given 3 fat quarters which you can see above.  We can add as many or as few fabrics as we wish, as long as at least one piece of each of the challenge fabrics is included on the front.  It has to be quilted and be less than 100" in perimeter so that they can easily be hung in the local library.  

I had quite a big hate on for these particular fabrics as all I could envision was a baby quilt, but that was too big to fit the challenge.  I was staring at the fabric with rows of dots when an idea hit me,  I dug into my stash to get a bit of a visual.  That is what you see below.

And here is this final project.  

At our guild meeting, everyone one gets a ballot and votes for their favorite.  This prize is $25 cash and the "honour" of picking the challenge fabric for the coming year.  I was the lucky winner this year!!!

All of the candies were cut from the floral fabric.  I only added 4 fabrics - a snow dyed piece for the sky, the solid white, the brown for the gingerbread which was another hand dye, and a piece of green gradient for the tree and windows.

All of the applique was fused down and the edges were secured with a zig-zag stitch and Superior Monopoly thread.  I used a layer of Quilter's Dream Puff over a layer of Quilter's Dream Blend and quilted the entire thing with Superior Monopoly.  I just did enough quilting to online the main items and keep everything else nice and flat.

I was very pleased with how the binding detail came together.  Originally I thought I would just bind it with the stripe, but it was too overpowering as the whole binding.  As a piping detail it was just right.

I always like to put the challenge fabrics on the back if I can so that I remember what they looked like.  If you want to check out all the other projects, visit the Crocus Quilter's Guild blog here.