Monday, July 29, 2019

Falling in Love Again

Now that the wedding was celebrated this weekend I can share this fabulous quilt that Amy made for her brother and sister-in-law.  The pattern is called "The Fabriculous Falling in Love Again" and is available at Fabriculous in Swan River or Gimli Manitoba or through the online store.

I have personalized wedding quilts for Amy in different ways in the past, and we continued the trend with this one.  The white heart gave me the perfect canvas to add the couple's last name - Lone.  (When it was on my machine, my family members were confused as to why I was quilting the word lone on this quilt!)

The body of the quilt was quilted with the "Flirtatious" pantograph in a gold Maginifco thread.  I love the effect - to me it looks like streamers on the Ombre Confetti Metallic fabric by V & Co for Moda.

I will show you the method I used to do the quilting in the heart.  I used my computer to print out the letters for the name.  I gave Amy a few fonts to choose from and she selected this one.  I always set the font to a black outline with a white fill so I don't use up a crazy amount of ink unnecessarily. I trimmed the letters, leaving little bridges between them to help keep the spacing accurate.

I traced around my stencil with a water soluble fabric pen.  It was too humid to use an air soluble on that day. I then used the gold thread to stitch around the letters.  I went around the letters more than once so that they would stand out a little bit more.

Then all that was left to do was pebble the backgroudn to make the letters pop!

I was so excited with the final product!  I hope the couple love it as much as Amy and I did.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

A Few Last Finishes

I have been busy finishing up a few small client quilts in my studio over the last few weeks as our moving date was fast approaching. We are leaving the Dauphin for new adventures in Selkirk,  Manitoba!  My studio will be closed for the month of August while we get settled, but I'm happy to take bookings now for the fall. nlsuss @ (Remove spaces)

The first two quilts I/m sharing were made by Reneta.  I love this red scrappy one.  I used a new to me pantograph called "Gingersnap."  I love the look of it on this quilt.  I used a red SO Fine thread on top and a grey Bottom Line in the bobbin.

I recently shared Reneta's larger version of this Simply Dashing quilt.  Being the scrap queen that she is, she used her leftovers and with careful planning and the smallest amount of additional fabric she made the baby/lap size.

Reneta asked for the Maple Syrup pantograph and I was happy to oblige.

Wendy sent me this cheery purple and white quilt she made for her granddaughter.  Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate for any outdoor photos.  A pretty quilt needed a pretty pantograph so we decided on "Pieces of my Heart." 

And last but not least this darling log cabin baby quilt made by Tracy. She left the quilting choices up to me and decided some feathers and swirls would be just the right touch.

Sometimes I think it is fun to see the before and after shots.  

And one last shot of the back.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Irish Chain

Working on this quilt brought me so much joy! Cheri brought this quilt into the studio, asking for advice.  It belongs to a widower friend from her home town.  His wife did not complete this quilt before she passed away, and he wanted to see if it could be finished. When Cheri received the quilt, it was basted together with a thin batting, and a wide binding attached to the front. Neither of us had ever encountered a binding being attached before quilting. After Cheri and I looked at it for a while, we realized that the binding was a little too small for the top, causing it to not lie flat.  Cheri agreed to remove the binding and basting and ready a new back.  We added some modern batting, I just got to play and do the quilting!

Cheri and I discussed some design ideas, but she mostly left it up to me.  The hardest part was to figure out what to quilt in the braid border! 

I chose straight lines for the blue chain squares, and continues curves in the peach squares.  Molar feather and curl wreaths in the open spaces, a wavy line in the inner border, and a curl and feather in all the braid sections.

The maker was an interior designer by trade and I love how she used the various shades of blue in the chains.  I definitely adds interest to the finished product.

Cheri and I chose a solid beige for the backing fabric and I love how the quilting shows up.  I believe the owner intends to hang it on the wall so it really won't be seen, but I enjoyed looking at it!

I never know exactly what is going to come through the door of my studio, by I am thankful Cheri brought this one to me to help finish so that it didn't languish in a drawer any longer. 

Thursday, July 25, 2019

City Slicker - Custom Quilting

Patrice sent me this beautiful version of our Highway 10 Designs City Slicker pattern.  Patrice upsized the original patternfrom 60" x 84" to 87" x 96" so it would fit a bigger bed.

This quilt is a wedding gift for her daughter and son-in-law so Patrice requested custom quilting to make it extra special.  She really liked the designs I did on my original version of the quilt, so we proceeded with that plan.  I used black thread for all the quilting. 

Patrice sent a solid black backing so I suggested used Quilter's Dream Midnight Poly batting.  The quilting shows up so well on the solid backing!

I just love this version of City Slicker.  The jelly roll friendly pattern is available as a pdf download or in paper form through the mail from our Highway 10 Designs Etsy Shop.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Marlene's Lug Nuts

 This is Marlene's version of our Highway 10 Designs Lug Nuts pattern.  This is the first quilt that Marlene has ever made!!!  Marlene took a class with me last year, and brought it to me for quilting this spring.  She did an outstanding job with her piecing and pressing.

We chose the "Breath of the gods" pantograph and a nice medium grey thread.  Grey and orange wouldn't be a color combination that normally pops in my mind, but I just love it!

Lug Nuts is one of those patterns where the final product looks far more complicated than it actually is to make. You might even be able to pull the require nine 1 yard cuts from your stash!  Paper and PDF patterns are available in the Highway 10 Designs Etsy store.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Labyrinth Walk

I can't believe a month has passed since I posted some photos to this blog!  I have been busy quilting, celebrating my grad 12 graduate, selling my current house, buying a new one and getting things organized for our move at the end of the month. 

I had this please of quilting this one for Eileen back in May before the grass was fully greened up. The pattern is called "Labyrinth Walk" by the Guilty Quilter.  Eileen made this as a wedding gift for a very special nephew and his bride and we didn't want to post anything until after the wedding to keep the secret.

The fabrics in the quilt are just the prefect combination to enhance the 3D effect in the top. Eileen and I discussed quilting design options and she opted for the full custom treatment.  Pebbles in the light grey, diagonal line in the dark grey, horizontal lines in the black and just stitching in the ditch around all the white.  Eileen really did an outstanding job with the pressing the seams in this quilt, and it sure made things go smoothly for me.

The borders got a bead board treatment with "rays' in the corners.

Thanks for trusting me with this quilt Eileen.   It sure is a stunner.