Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Patchwork Barn

I really enjoyed adding some custom quilting to this pretty blue and white quilt that Sharon made.  The patten is from Laundry Basket quilts and is called Patchwork Barn.

Sharon requested quilting around the applique and a design that flowed across the patchwork blocks.  I outlined the applique and filled the background with branching curls.  I added feathers to the rows of blacks and filled the remaining sashing and border strips with one of two curl designs.

The quilting looked lovely on the soft blue backing fabric as well.


Friday, May 27, 2022

Modern Thinking

Wendy made this gorgeous batik quilt using a pattern called Modern Thinking from Blue Underground Studios.  Wendy just pulled all these fabrics together from her stash, as like me she has a soft spot for batiks.

Wendy selected the Windswept pantograph and a lovely deep turquoise Magnifico thread called Lilly Pond #2136.  I love the sheen of the Magnifico thread against the waxy batiks.

And to finish it off Wendy supplied a beautiful turquoise Fireside backing that shows off the quilting so well.


Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Camo Lug Nuts


Gay made this fabulous version of the Highway 10 Designs Lug Nuts quilt for her son.  I like to refer to this quilt as "elegant camo"  as Gay used a mix of batiks, cottons and some real tree camouflage prints to make a unique quilt.

Gay selected the Mimosa pantograph which seems to blend into the prints just perfectly.

My husband is always a good sport when I need a second pair of hands to get some quilt photos.  He was motivated to try out a camo shot and it was kind of fun. The behind the scenes shot makes me wonder if we have lost our minds!


Monday, May 16, 2022

Home Quarter - City Lights


Loraine made this King Size version of the Home Quarter pattern from Highway 10 Designs.  The fabric collection that she used is call City Lights from Northcott.  The colour palette is just so pleasing.

Loraine selected a pantograph that I just added to my collection called Cool Beans.

With Fireside backing fabric this quilt is extra cozy and quite heavy because of its size!

Friday, May 13, 2022

Radio Way


Cindy made this King Size version of the Radio Way quilt pattern.  I don't know what the name of this fabric collection was but Cindy said it was exactly her colours.

Cindy selected this Fascination pantograph and I love the movement it offers against all the straight line in the piecing.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Flannel Star Fling


Reneta loves to use every bit of fabric and not let any go to waste.  Over the last number of years Reneta had been buying bolts of grey flannel wide back and using it on the back of all her quilts.  She averages 20-30 quilts a year, so that makes for a lot of off cuts from long arm quilting.  Reneta took all the odd bits and made a darling little lap quilt.

The pattern that Reneta used is called Star Fling.  It was free on a fabric website once upon a time.  Reneta chose the Plush pantograph and we decided to have some fun and use a yellow thread for the quilting.

I love to trim up the quilts I return to my clients and I always put everything I trim into the bag with the quilt so they can decide if it is a useable scrap or garbage.  Reneta truly made something from nothing with this one!

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The Whale and I


Loraine made this unique quilt called "The Whale and I."  The pattern comes from the book "Ombre Quilts- 6 Colorful Projects" by Jennifer Sampou.  Loraine used two shades of Maywood Studios Gelato Ombres for the background.

Loraine selected a new pantograph in my collection called Harbour Wave.  It adds just the right touch to this underwater scene.

Loraine added a cozy fireside backing which also shows the quilting so well.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Urban Legend


This beautiful quilt was made by Audrey. The pattern is called Urban Legend by A Quilter's Dream. 

 When I first saw this quilt, my first thought was what thread choice would look good across the whole quilt?  Then after looking at the layout I had a bit of a different idea that I proposed to Audrey - a different thread color for each of the three sections of the quilt.  I also suggested some different pantographs that were well suited to this idea.

Audrey chose the Windswept pantograph and gave me the go ahead for my three thread idea.  Truly you don't really notice that there are different colors, but you would have noticed dark thread on the light sections or light thread on the darks.

The transition from pink to blue happens in the pieced section that does not represent the city scape.  I love when an idea works out exactly like I saw it in my head!

And for a little bit more fun and interest, Audrey added this great pieced backing.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

A Walk in the Woods

This wonderful springy quilt was made by Audrey.  The pattern is called "A Walk in the Woods" by JB Quilt Designs.

Audrey decided on the Novaya Zhizn pantograph and I used a pale green thread for the quilting.