Sunday, December 22, 2019

Reneta's Home Quarter Lap Quilt

This is the second Home Quarter quilt that Reneta has completed since Highway 10 Designs released the pattern in October.  She is looking in her stash for more fat quarters to cut up as it goes together fast and is fun to make.

Reneta made the large lap size that uses 16 fat quarters and finishes at 71" x 71".   She pulled a bundle from her stash and added a few bonus pieces.

We used the Gingersnap pantograph and Quilter's Dream blend batting.

This Highway 10 Designs pattern is available in PDF download or paper format on our website.  It is fat quarter friendly and a great stash buster perfect for a beginner or seasoned quilter alike.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Freehand Embroidery

Karen brought this very unique piece to my studio with the hopes that I would be willing to offer some advice and take on the challenge.  The top was made by her mother-in-law who is now over 90 years old, and her sister-in-law (who is not a quilter) was hoping Karen would see to getting it finished.

Karen's mother-in-law is an artist, she used many mediums, and is also skilled at handwork.  Every flower spray was hand drawn on to the fabric and then embroidered.  Her work is so tidy that it is difficult at first glance to see the right and wrong sides!

Now how do we approach the quilting? The fabric used on the top is a polyester drapery fabric I believe. I wasn't sure how this fabric would quilt up.   Karen was willing to let me chose the quilting that I thought would work with the top.   We were both thinking of light custom, but I was concerned that a bunch of feathers might overwhelm the delicate embroidery.  After pondering options,  I mentioned that I could stitch right over the embroidery with Superior's Microquilter thread, Karen liked this idea a lot.    When I showed her the Pieces of My Heart pantograph we thought we had a winning combination.

We ran the pantograph vertically on the quilt top to follows the pattern of the fabric.  The solid white baking shows it off nicely.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect with this one, but the end result is nicer than anything I could have imagined.  I am honoured that I got to play a small part in completing a project that is sure to become a family heirloom.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Two Quilts in One!

This is the first quilt that I have had the pleasure of quilting for Karen.   She dug into leftovers from other projects to make the top and amazing back!

We selected the Mimosa pantograph for a nice all over texture, and a kind of "ugly on the spool" greenish/goldish/brownish colored thread that blended perfectly across the entire quilt.

And now the unexpected amazing surprise - the quilt back!

Karen did not have a pattern for this, she just used the scraps to make this awesome Inukshuk,  This is truly a reversible quilt. Karen is keeping this quilt for herself, and admitted that she would be putting it on the bed with the back side up first!

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Reneta's Home Quarter Queen Size Quilt

Reneta made this spectacular Highway 10 Designs Home Quarter Quilt.  She had a fabulous bundle of Moda's Grand Canal by Kate Spain languishing on a shelf and decided to put it to very good use.

Reneta used 36 fat quarters to make this generously sized Queen that measures 101" x  101" 

We decided on the Tickle pantograph in a shiny turquoise Magnifico thread.

I'm glad I was able to get some good photos of this quilt, but it wasn't easy!  Most of my day was spent battling the prairie wind.

The Home Quarter pattern is available in both downloadable pdf and paper forms on the Highway 10 Designs website.  Maybe like Reneta, it is time to cut into a much loved but under used fat quarter bundle! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Fancy Forest Baby Quilt

I believe this is the third Fancy Forest quilt that I have quilted for Reneta.  The pattern is by Elizabeth Hartman.  Reneta loves how wood grain quilting looks on this pattern so that is always her request.  I love it too,  so am always happy to oblige.

Changing the colors really gives a different feel to the quilt.  You can see Reneta's other versions here and here.

Sunday, December 15, 2019


I truly get to quilt some of the coolest quilts.  This one was made by Reneta for a little girl in her life that loves sharks, not cute "baby shark, doo doo" but real scary sharks!  Reneta found this cool paper pieced Great White Shark pattern by Quilt Art Designs and enlarged it 200%.  (Goofy daughter of mine for scale).

Since the shark needed to be intense rather than cute, we decided on the Ebb and Flow panto instead of bubbles and other sea creatures.

I was a little concerned that the panto might be a bit boring in all that background space, but I love the end result and it helps to keep the shark the star of the quilt and not add any distraction.

This wouldn't be every little girl's dream bedroom, but Reneta is going to make someone very happy!

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Oh Canada

Myrna brought this Canadian themed quilt that uses a panel and coordinating fabrics from Northcott's Oh Canada fabric line.

The quilt is to be a gift for a exchange student who has a special place in her heart, so she continued with the Canadian theme and selected the Maple Syrup Panto.  I think this will be a gift that will be treasured forever.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Iron Man Quilt

When Myrna contacted me and said she had an "Iron Man" quilt that needed quilting my mind immediately went to the Marvel comic character.  Turns out her son is a triathlete and competes in Iron Man competitions!

Myrna found the perfect fabrics and put them together in a pleasing quilt.

Myrna selected my navy Stonehenge backing fabric and the Ebb and Flow pantograph for what I think is the perfect combination.  What a great gift for her son.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Framed Up

 Margaret brought me this lovely top for quilting.  The pattern is called Framed Up by Front Porch Quilts.

Margaret selected the Tickle pantograph as it mimicked some of the deigns in the fabrics she used.   It looks great on her almost solid backing.