Saturday, July 27, 2013

Curve It Up - Quilted

I quilted one for myself!  I decided not to fold this top up and put it in the cupboard and just get it quilted before our local quilt show this September 28 & 29.

I used the Dream Puff batting so it is really light and cuddly.  I used the Ginseng Panto and a gold Magnifico thread called Clover Honey.  I decided to keep with the metallic feel of all the fabrics of the quilt and use a shiny thread.  I love the results.  These pictures don't really do the thread justice.  I LOVE this thread.  It is smooth, and shiny and did not break once.  It comes in a huge range of colors too.  I hope one of my clients wants shiny thread soon as I can't wait to have a reason to order more!

Here are a few of my the blocks up close.

And here is my favorite part of the whole thing - the back. I had one extra block that was just a little too light in color so I decided to put in on the back.  I  pressed the edges under 1/4" and top-stitched it to the backing before I loaded it on the longarm.  I think it makes an otherwise boring back a little more interesting.

Now isn't this the cutest pincushion!  My friend Robin is a fellow owl lover and was just in town visiting.  She made him for me.  I am so spoiled! Thanks, Robin!

 Kendra caught another shot of our baby robins.  They are hard to see, but she told me how much their feathers are changing.  One more month of summer - where is the time going?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Batik Alternate Routes

This is Cheri's beautiful batik version of our Alternate Routes pattern.  I love batiks, and these were so pretty it was kind of hard to say good bye to this one.  Cheri came up with her own unique layout, and I think it is really cool.

We decided to use the Paisley Playtime panto, as the shapes in the fabric and the panto were very similar.  This is the first time I have tried this particular panto and I am very pleased with the nice even texture.

The pattern for the quilt is available on the Highway 10 Designs Etsy Shop if Cheri has inspired you with her beautiful quilt.

I know I have been fairly quiet, but summer is proving to be very busy.  Kyla was away at International Music Camp this week, so Kendra had to fly solo on girls' supper night.  I suggested that spaghetti would be a manageable idea and with just a little guidance this was the result.

And one more share before I end.  As soon as Nolan hung this birdhouse on our garage, the robins proceeded to make a nest on top of it, instead of inside.  I guess that is a good thing or we wouldn't have been able to catch a glimpse of the three hungry babies.  You can only see one in the second picture.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Curve It Up Top Complete?

There wasn't much quilting going on around here this last week.  I took the girls to Winnipeg to pick these with my Mom and Dad.

We shared some with, froze some, made jam and had lots to eat with cream - my favorite.

I did get to do a little fabric shopping on the way and picked up fabric to add borders to my Curve it Up quilt top.


After: (sorry for the late night poor photo)

This top went together without a grand plan in mind.  I probably would have added six purple cornerstones if I knew I was adding purple to the border.  Should I leave well enough alone, or should I try to add a little purple to the sashing?  Hmmm, definitely need to sleep on that one.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sunflower Quilt

This cheerful sunflower quilt belongs to Reneta. It is made out of a jelly roll in the 1600 quilt style for the background, with appliqued sunflower centers and stems and prairie points for the petals.

I really enjoyed all the freehand quilting on this one.  The background got a freehand leafy/paisley/petal motif that was shared by Wendy over at Ivory Spring.  There were similar motifs in the fabric collection, so I thought it worked well.

Each of the sunflowers got a slightly different fill - a stipple, some "3s and es", and echoed teardrop.  The outside border got a motif that was taught to me as "onions and garlic".  (It kind of looks like a rosebud too.)

 Here is a good shot of the back.  The quilting shows up pretty well, and I love how two little strips of fabric can add so much interest.

And just to make you a little jealous, this is what I got to enjoy for girls' supper #2 of the summer.  We had homemade chocolates for dessert, but I didn't snap a picture of those.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

"Zig Zag" Alternate Routes

I was very excited when Karen asked me to quilt her version of our Alternate Routes pattern.  It is a special feeling to work on a quilt that someone made from a pattern you designed!  Karen choose to use the "zig-zag" layout for her quilt.

I used my "yo-yo" panto for the first time, and I really like the nice even texture that it gave the quilt.  We chose a variegated Lava thread in the "deep sea" color to add just a little more interest.

I seem to love pieced backings more and more!

Yesterday was a fun mail day!   I was the lucky winner of a giveaway hosted by "In My Sewing Room", and  I received these yummy batik 1/2 yard cuts from Sew Sisters Quilt Shop.  This is an example of what you could be receiving each month if you joined the Batik Lover's Club.  Tempting isn't it?  Can't wait to firm up a plan for these!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Curve It Up Quilt Along Top (Almost!)

Jenny over at Sew Kind of Wonderful challenged the Curve it Up Quilt Along participants to have their quilt tops done by July 1.  Well, I almost made it, this is what I had done at 11:30 last night.

  I believe another shopping trip will be in order before I can call it done.  This is the fabric that I had purchased for the outer border.

It is not speaking to me now that I see the top together so it is back to the drawing board.  

 I used most of the background fabric I had left to add a small frame to the blocks to allow them to float.  I didn't like the darker fabrics right up against my sashing fabric.

The top looks unfinished to my eye,  but I don't have any other metallic fabrics in my stash, and I really don't want to add a non-metallic fabric at this point as everything including the background has metallic gold on it. I only have very small pieces of the fabric I used to piece the blocks.  Not sure where I will go from here...

I just have to share one of my best ideas of all time... Last summer we started a family tradition and it is back up and running now that school is out.  One day a week during the summer my girls (ages 15 and 12)  are responsible for making supper and dessert.  It is totally my favorite day of the week!  They check the flyers to see what is on sale, pick the recipes, make the grocery list, and come shopping with me, do the prep, cooking and clean up.  They have really learned a lot.   I am always around if they need a second opinion on the "doneness" of the meat, of what "soft peaks" look like, but they really like doing it without me.  This week the menu was rolls and butter, green salad, mashed potatoes and cream chicken (a "recipe" from grandma  - you know the kind, no real amounts or set cooking times, more like a vague description of how she does it).  

And for dessert - chocolate mousse!  I might have to step up my game so they don't outdo me all the time!