Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Cindy's City Slicker


I absolutely love Cindy's version of our Highway 10 Designs City Slicker pattern.  It is rich and vibrant and just draws you in.

Cindy used a Gelto Ombre 2 1/2" strip roll from Maywood Studio.  The black background fabric just makes the colors pop!  Cindy made this quilt for her almost 5 year old granddaughter. When I showed her some pantograph options she was immediately drawn to the Pieces of My Heart pantograph.  We decided on some shiny purple thread to compliment the backing fabric.

While I was working on this quilt I had a lovely view of the cover quilt from the City Slicker pattern contrasting with Cindy's vibrant version.

The City Slicker pattern is available as a pdf download or in paper version on the Highway 10 Designs website.  It goes together quickly and looks good in a wide variety of colors!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Ice Cream Cone Quilt

This darling Ice Cream Cone quilt was made by Susanne for a very special great niece.  The pattern was published by Quiltmaker Magazine in 2006 in support of Project Linus.  It is called "Single Scoop" and is still available here.

Susanne decided on custom quilting.  I stitched around the cones and the chains of squares and filled the background with a simple stipple.  Loops in the outer border finished it off.  Susanne had selected a minkee dot backing and I suggested a Quilter's Dream Puff batting.  The combination is magical and the ice cream cones just pop!


Wednesday, July 22, 2020

One More Memory Quilt

This is the 4th memory quilt Karen has made from her dad's shirts. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of quilting the three others that had white backgrounds, you can see them here.

I was surprised Karen still had enough material to make this quilt.  She incorporated a tie into some of the blocks this time as well as you can see  by the shiny block in the photo.

Karen chose the Fascination pantograph and a charcoal grey thread that just showed up a a little bit on the background fabric and blended in nicely with everything else.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Watercolor Seahorses

I had so much fun quilting the fabulous quilt for Reneta.  The quilt is an adaptation of the Watercolor Sea Horses pattern by Summercrafter.  Reneta loves to make scrap quilts and her go to size is 2" squares, so she made the pattern work for her.


We decided on custom quilting for this one.  I did straight lines on the seahorses and a freehand water meander in the background, but my favorite part are the bubbles!!!

After coming up with a design plan for the quilt I decided to treat myself to some new rulers from a new to be Canadian company that produces their own quilting rulers for both longarm and domestic machines.  The are called Silly Moon Quilting Company and I would highly recommend their products.  They arrived safely and quickly and it was great to support a Canadian company. 

 I used the "Cheezie" and "Gemini" rulers to create the bubbles.  I thought about free handing them but I really do like the end result here.  Every seahorse got bubbles to match their coloring too!

Being the true scrappy quilter that she is, Reneta used up some random backing pieces so they wouldn't go to waste.

And now I'm just going to share lots more pictures because I just couldn't decide what to leave out.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Blue and White King

I think this lovely king size quilt could have happily stayed and lived on my queen size bed don't you?

This blue and white beauty was made by Karen as a surprise for a good friend of hers. Her friend decided to repaint her bedroom while the quilt was under construction, but luckily it still matches! Karen tossed in a little gold into the mix because her friend happens to be a Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan.

When Karen was making this quilt she texted, to ask just how big a quilt my machine could handle (as she would add borders accordingly.)  This one weighed in at 107" x 107" so it easily fit on my 12' frame.  If you are curious,  I can load a 120" wide piece of backing fabric.  Length isn't a problem - to date the record is 136"!

Karen chose the Knit 1 Purl 2 pantograph and white thread top and bottom.  I think the result is very pretty.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Christmas in July!

I had the pleasure of quilting these two delightful tree skirts for Eileen.

Eileen actually made the first one for herself!  Quilters always seem to be last on their lists so I love it when they tell me one is for them. The pattern is from McCall's Quilting Nov/Dec 2019 and it called Little Red Truck.  We decided to use freehand "3 and Es" for the background and ditch stitching around the truck.

The trucks will be getting black buttons for wheels.  Eileen marked the centre circle and where she was going to cut the opening before she sent the top so I was able to stitch lines in those areas to give her a nice clean edge for binding.

The second tree skirt was published in Quiltmaker Nov/Dec 2019 and is called Bear-y Christmas.  I give Eileen extra credit for getting this one together.  Eileen and I were attending the same retreat when she was working on this one.  She was toiling away when she came to realize that half of the paper piecing templates were printed in reverse so the blocks couldn't go together without a lot of extra work and remaking.  She had the support of many quilty friends so we talked through the simplest solutions (besides chucking the whole thing in the garbage).  Eileen reversed the templates by tracing them on the back of the paper while holding them up against a window.  (Eileen emailed Quiltmaker about the error, but to date there are no corrections on their website.)

This tree skirt is a gift for special family members who reside in Nunavut .  We dedicated to use Quilter's Dream Puff batting, and I love the loft that it gives the bear.  I was originally planning on stitching around the scarf, but didn't want the bears to look like they were being strangled so I changed my plan while it was on the frame.

I love being able to add personal touches to quilting projects for my clients.  Eileen and I decided to add an Inukshuk in between the bears.  This was modeled after the Inukshuk that appears on the Nunavut flag.

This is going to make one pretty special gift don't you think?

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Feathered Garden

Margaret made the sweet charm square quilt with some traditional feeling fabrics.  Margaret had planned to give this quilt away as a gift for a friend, but after she saw it quilted she thought she might just be making some else for her friend because she loved it so much.

Margaret selected the Feathered Garden Pantograph and I think it suited the quilt perfectly.