Sunday, February 26, 2023

Metro Twist

This bright and cheerful quilt was made by Audrey.  The fabric collection is called Grand Canal and was designed by Kate Spain for Moda.

The pattern is called Metro Twist from Sew Kind of Wonderful.  Audrey selected the Cassava pantograph and we selected a muted green thread - So Fine 511 - Florentino which blended nicely across the navy and the prints.

I love the fun yellow backing and I used a matching yellow Bottom Line thread on the back.


Friday, February 24, 2023

Town Square x 2

Mother and daughter, Liane and Shannon each brought a quilt made from the same pattern, but they couldn't be more different!  The pattern is a 3 yard quilt pattern called Town Square from The Fabric Cafe.

Liane loved the Time Warp pantograph to compliment her Northern Lights focus fabric.  We used a shiny purple thread for the quilting and Liane also asked for purple thread on the back.

This pretty pastel version was made by Shannon.  She selected the Pirouette pantograph which adds some lovely movement.

Isn't it fun seeing how much fabric choices change the overall look of a pattern?

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Harmony & Quilt O'Clock

Shannon brought this lovely Harmony quilt and let me in on the fact that it was her first quilt.  I think she did an amazing job and and imagine there will be many more in her future.

Shannon selected the Fluffy Clouds pantograph for a lovely, but not too dense level of quilting.

I undertook a fun little project yesterday - a quilt clock!  The pattern and inspiration came from Holly at Holly Clarke Designs.   The free instructions and templates are available here - Quilt O'Clock

My kitchen clock fell and shattered a few weeks ago so I had the perfect place for this little project.  An inexpensive clock from Ikea and some fabric from a bundle that has just been waiting for the right project.

Strip Stacks

Tannis  brought this modern Strip Stacks quilt for some simple quilting.  The pattern is from GE Designs and is made using a jelly roll.

Tannis selected the Gingersnap pantograph and I used black thread top and bottom.

Both the top and the solid black backing were dark so I suggested using the black Quilter's Dream Midnight poly battting that I keep in stock.  Not only would it keep the white lint at bay, but no light color would be seen through the needle holes with the black thread.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023


Tannis made this cozy quilt for her duaghter's high school graduation. The pattern is called Hopscotch from The Quilt Patch.  Tannis added some extra borders to make it a nice bed size.

Tannis let her daughter choose the pantograph and she selected the Love those Curls pantograph which was my favorite of the options that I sent.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Purple Log Cabin

This queen size Log Cabin quilt was made Ann.  I love the pretty purple highlight amid the blacks and whites.

This quilt was entirely paper pieced and I needed to give you a real sense of the scale of the pieces... There are 196 blocks in this quilt, and 19 pieces in each block - truly a labor of love!

This design made this quilt and the quilting really just needed to hold it all together.  Ann chose the Ebb Flow pantograph and a silvery grey Magnifico thread.  

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Global Migration

I am happy to share one of my own quilts today! The Global Migration pattern was originally written by Anne Reimer for Make Modern Magazine.  Anne passed away from cancer in 2020.  Her niece Janice revised the pattern to use some different techniques and has it available through her shop Prairie and Ocean as a "Pay what you want" item with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.  The pattern is for a 60" x 60" throw size that I made into a Queen size with extra borders to allow the design to float.

I made this quilt for my daughter and son-in-law.  They were married in the summer of 2021 when gathering size restrictions were a large source of stress for many couples.  They decided to scale the size of their wedding way back to 35 guests in order to ensure they could proceed on their chosen date.  The background fabric in the quilt is repurposed from the Essex linen table runners that I made as part of their wedding decorations.

Kyla snd I went shopping for the additional fabrics at her new local quilt shop in Yorkton, Saskatchewan -Modern Stitch Co. We didn’t stick to one line but selected random prints from Cotton and Steel and Ruby Star. 

yla selected the Come Dance With Me pantograph for her quilt and I think it covered all the big open areas very nicely. 

I had the opportunity to quilt Christne's version of the Global Migration pattern back in 2020.  I love her version and the totally different quilting plan we went with.  Check it out here.  

It felt great to give the fabric a new life, but using that much linen in a queen size quilt sure makes it hefty!

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Sylvia’s Flower Garden

Sylvia brought this absolutely exquisite quilt featuring 9 different floral wreaths.  Sylvia is a quilter and an artist and this is her original design.  Sylvia saw a photo of a prize winning quilt by Sharlene Jackson in the Aug/Sept 2003 issue of Quilt Works Today magazine that featured flower bouquets  on a background pieced with colour washed squares that inspired her to make this quilt. Sylvia began working on her quilt in 2004 by drafting flower blocks in the form of wreaths that would be nondirectional.  Soon her daughter will be the lucky recipient of this quilt.

Sylvia and I came up with a quilting plan that highlighted her applique and her preference for simple and not too dense quilting in the body of the quilt.  I wanted to make sure the quilting was balanced enough for the quilt to remain flat when I was finished.

I stitched around the applique and filled  the inside of the wreath with crosshatching and added a branching curl fill in the background.  The body of the quilt was completed with a ribbon meander.

Sylvia has used a tight and full satin stich around her applique and adding shading and details with pencils and inks to bring the different flowers to life.  She has also added some hand embroidery to add special elements.  Enjoy looking at the rest of the blocks in detail.