Monday, September 17, 2012

Tic Tak Deco

I finished piecing my Tic Tak Deco top.

The pattern is well written and it went together really quickly and easily.  I think it looks much more impressive than the effort I had to put into it - always a good thing!

Here is a little peek into how those curves are sewn.  When you first get the curved pieces together they look quite wonky and you are a little unsure of how it will all turn out.  The cool thing is that the ruler is designed for trimming up your blocks as well as cutting them out initially.

I'm not exactly sure when Helen with have the pattern ready for purchase, but you can check out her blog here.  Or find the ruler here.

I haven't decided if I will add a border or not.  Might just live with it a while before I make that decision.

I also took some time to make something just for me.  My friend Stacey and I decided to give yoga a try for the first time this fall.  It was suggested that we may want to bring out own mats, so I decided to make myself a bag using this free pattern.  I cut into one of my favorite snow-dyes (it was only a little hard).  It was really hard to capture the texture of the fabric in the photos.  It really isn't as white as it appears.  I love how the bag matches the color of the mat!


  1. Looks great! I love the bold fabrics you chose!

  2. The Tic Tak Deco is Awesome. The ways to use the Quick Curve ruler seem to be endless. When I first used Jenny's ruler I, too, wondered if my wonky blocks were going to be useful or filed in the "g" bin. I was amazed that all my blocks turned out just fine. Love your yoga mat bag. Congratulations on your courage to cut your snow dye. :) Take care.