Saturday, November 24, 2012

12 Days of Christmas

This is Dawn's quilt made from the "12 Days of Christmas" fabric collection.  The pattern is the "5" Charm Packet Quilt" from Suzanne's Art House.  Dawn enlarged it a bit from the original   The fabric is just so cheerful that I couldn't resist taking it outside on the crispy white snow for a few photos. 

 Dawn recently attended the Quilt Festival in Houston (as an exhibitor I might add!) and brought back this panto for me and her quilt.  It is called "Swinging on a Star".  I love how it looks on the quilt, but I must admit that it was a bit like quilting through a maze.  I added quite a few directional arrows to the panto so I could keep from getting lost.  It was well worth it as it adds just the right amount of whimsy to an already cute quilt.

 Dawn knew she didn't want red thread on the quilt, but left the decision up to me.  This icy blue So Fine! ended up being the perfect choice as it could be seen gently on all the fabrics and added a little "sparkle" to the quilt.  The back is a solid red flannel and it got a matching red Bottom Line thread.

 And a couple more photos to put you in the Christmas spirit (cause I just couldn't decide what to leave out!)


  1. A really, really pretty quilt. I love the fabrics and pattern choice as well as the panto choice. It is easy to see how one could get confused with the panto! Wonderful pictures. Kathy will be impressed.

  2. Quite the quilt but I also love your creative.