Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sometimes I Sew...

Not really any quilting to speak of around here.  My bobbin winder has been acting up so I had to send it in for repair.  I can't wind any bobbins for my longarm right now, and my thread order with some prewound bobbins hasn't appeared yet, so I have taken the time to do some sewing.  My daughter's high school is doing Grease this spring and I have been asked to help with costumes. 

Eight angel dresses for the girls in Beauty School Drop Out.

And the first of four Pink Lady jackets.

It is kind of fun to sew costumes every once in a while.  In the background of those pictures you can see some more suspended ceiling that has gone up and the hallway is painted. Slow and steady goes the reno! You can also see a sneak peak of Robin's quilt that is loaded and waiting for the thread to arrive.


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