Friday, April 12, 2013

Curve it Up Quilt Along Block 12 and a Spare

The last set of instructions for the Curve it Up Quilt along came out this week.  The last blocks was spools.  You can see the original here.  I really didn't have much fabric to choose from that would work so thought I would try four spools instead of eight.  Mine aren't as elegant, but do seem like spools to my eye.

Here are the 12 blocks together.

I also had a lot of left over pieces from the previous blocks.  When I realized that I has 16 "HSTs", that coordinated,  I knew I need to make an extra block.  But what layout to choose? HSTs are just so versatile!!

I was really indecisive, so after a round of voting by Kathy, the girls and Nolan I settled on this one.

Here are the 13 blocks.  I am waiting to see what layout ideas Jenny and Helen come up with before I put the top together. I think I will pull the block that isn't playing well with the others and put in on the back for the label.  Which one would you send to the backside?

1 comment:

  1. wow all your blocks work well, if I had to choose I'd say the center one bottom row.
    I had 2 that just didn't work, I was short on one of my fabrics and the one I substituted just stuck out, so one I remade one yesterday and hopefully the other today.