Saturday, April 20, 2013

Embroidery Bouquet

Peggy brought me this very unique quilt that has a piece of hand embroidery as the focus.  Peggy was enlisted by family members to preserve the embroidery and put the top together for another family member as a surprise.

This top did have me a little scared as I had never worked on an embroidered piece before and it had a lot of blank canvas calling for a good design idea.

The white border got a freehand flower/curl/leaf design, bead board in the dark blue, and a leafy feather in the light blue.

I chose a tight tipple behind the embroidery to help it pop. I used So Fine thread in blue and white for the front and white Bottom line for the back. Peggy provided a pure white polyester batting which really kept the border and backing fabric a nice crisp white.

 It is so wonderful to see a family treasure on display instead of folded up in a closet somewhere.  Thanks for trusting me with your treasure Peggy!


  1. Lori you have done a fantastic job with the quilting. When i first looked at the photo Ithought the bouquet was applique but the close photo really shows the embroidery. Your quilting has allowed the embroidery to really stay the focus. I am sure Peggy and the recipient will love it.

  2. Lovely quilting! I really like how you quilted the wider blue border!