Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Little Experiment

I don't have anything really quilt related to share, but hopefully that will change tomorrow!  Kathy and I have been busy bees working on a new project.  It has meant many hours in front of the computer, copious emails and phone calls and me trying to get some half decent pictures of my own work that won't look totally ridiculous next to her always beautiful photos. (If we lived a little closer I would have put her in charge of all the photography, but it wasn't meant to be this time.)  While I was whining to Nolan about how to get the shot I really wanted he rigged up a solution for me.  I am really lucky to have such a handy guy!  He turned his combination ladder, a few spring clamps and some scrap wood from our basement demo into a portable quilt stand. He even schlepped it all over town and beyond to find the perfect spot! (Yes, I do realize I am spoiled.)

Now for something totally off topic.  A friend of mine posted a photo on Facebook of some lettuce that she was re-growing and I just had to give it a try.

Cut the stump off your next head of romaine lettuce.

Place it in a container with about 1/2" of water in the bottom.  Change the water everyday.  (Your family will think you have lost your mind at this point.)

By Day 5 things were starting to change.

And here is is today.   (I had only left a very small stump on the left one, and it is not growing nearly as quickly as the others.)   It might be a while before I can make a salad, but it is fun to watch!

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  1. Okay I'm going to have to try this lettuce trick, very cool!!