Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pedal to the Metal!

I am very excited to introduce the second pattern from Highway 10 Designs - Pedal to the Metal. (Highway 10 Designs is the pattern company I share with my friend Kathy Schwartz.) This pattern offers three different quilts in a variety of sizes from Twin to King.  It is great for a beginner or just when you want something that goes together quickly without a lot of fuss.  You really can break some speed records with this one!  It is currently available as a pdf download in our Craftsy shop or our Etsy shop.  We hope to have the paper version in hand in the next couple of weeks.

I had the pleasure of making the first layout in the pattern.  I love how it has a woven look, but it really is simple strip piecing.

 Kathy made the second version of Pedal to the Metal, a slight variation of the first that results in quite a different look.

The third quilt was made by our good friend Robin. (If you follow Kathy's blog and mine you will have seen her name often, she is a terrific lady who knows how to make lovely quilts.)   This layout has that little something extra with the addition of some diamonds and a border.  I love how the diamonds extend into the border.

Now for a little of the story behind the story.  If you follow Kathy's blog you know what an amazing photographer she is, so I thought I should let her use those skills and take the cover photo up in Flin Flon.  My quilt was transported to Flin Flon (thanks Eileen), and I was thrilled to be un-involved in that part of the process.  Unfortunately, when all three quilts were ready  - the skies opened for days on end and Kathy did not get a chance to get "the photo" before her scheduled trip to Dauphin for our quilt show.  We enjoyed the show over the weekend, but Monday needed to be business time. The sky was blue, so we were in luck.  Kathy was in charge and I offered to be the quilt bridesmaid fluffing corners and following directions.

Here is the photographer in action outside Fort Dauphin.

For me, there was a lot of this involved:

Because there was a lot of this:

We liked this photo, but it wouldn't do for a pattern cover as it was oriented the wrong way, so we needed to rearrange things.

This was the layout we needed, but getting to this point was a little interesting.

 I never thought I would get to be a cover girl!


  1. Looks like you two had a very productive day! Great pictures of three great quilts! I especially like the last picture! It made me chuckle!

  2. Kathy has creative ways to make sure you earn your keep. I am so glad the weather cooperated Monday. Fort Dauphin looks like an awesome location for photo shoots. Congratulations on the release.