Friday, March 18, 2016

Bev's Leaf Row Quilt

This is Bev's stunning version of the Leaf Row Quilt.  I had the pleasure of watching this one come together as we got our monthly instructions, and from the first row and I knew it was going to be a beauty.  Bev's fabric choices for the sashing and outer border really gave me some great places to play.

Bev and I talked about a few of her likes and dislikes, but she really left it in my hands.  She did mention that she would like to see a couple of different background fills.  I chose 3 and repeated them throughout the rows.

I decided that piano keys were the right choice for the inner batik border as the print really hid the quilting unless it was in just the right light.  The sashing design is a curl and leafy feather, and the outer border (that is only on three sides of the quilt) got curling leafy (or molar) feathers.

I love how the quilting shows on the Stonehenge backing fabric.

I only used 3 colors of thread on this entire quilt.  Brown on the border, beige in the background, and So Fine #489 Lewis and Clark across all the leaves no matter what color they were.  Here are some close up shots of all the different leaves.

This last one is my favourite one of all.


  1. Oh My!!! the pattern, the leaves, the fabrics, and those beautiful wide borders. Then your quilting. Lost for words totally. Is this pattern available to anyone else? Awesome altogether.

  2. Wow, Wow, Wow! Just love this quilt. Bev said you did a spectacular job, and the combination of her piecing and your quilting is exquisite!

  3. I just love these leaf row quilts and how you have quilted them, Lori. Keep them coming, ladies. Such eye candy.