Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Two for Sherry

This darling scrappy spool quilt was brought to me by Sherry. Sherry has an eye for colour that I admire, and isn't afraid to put unexpected fabrics together.

I love the variety of fabrics included in the turquoise spool.

I enjoyed adding some light custom quilting.  Loops in the inner frames, a background of stippling, and a feather curl in the border and some Stitch in the Ditch around the spools and between the borders.

I know that this quilt isn't quite finished, it is going to get a little additional applique not that the quilting is complete.

Sherry brought a second small quilt and they were both able to fit on the same backing fabric, so once the spools were complete I added this "Take Two" quilt and kept on quilting.

Sherry selected the Daisy Bounce panto as this quilt is going to be given to a young girl, and I think it will be getting some applique as well.

We used a lavender Magnifico thread and the little bit of shine was just perfect.


  1. Beautiful quilts. I hope I get to see them once the applique is complete.

  2. Those are both super sweet quilts!