Thursday, July 7, 2016

Reneta's Chevron Quilt

Reneta made this great chevron quilt out of a couple of Lecien Fabric charm packs that she picked up at Fabriculous, a great shop in Swan River, MB now with a second location in Gimli, MB.

Reneta made this as a wedding present, and since the recipients are Mr. & Mr. I wanted to keep that in mind as I chose my quilting designs.  Reneta is one of my clients who has always told me that she doesn't love feathers, so I thought this was the perfect time to show her that all feathers are not the same.  I call these square feathers, but they may have another name.  

I used Magnifico thread on the whole quilt and it has a nice sheen that complemented some of the fabric that had metallic elements.  I used a steel blue on the solid grey and a bright green on all the printed fabric.  Some continuous curves with a little triangle thrown in was all the printed chevrons needed.

The backing is this fun print call Free Fall by Tula Pink.  It was such a great compliment to the front.


  1. Square feathers, that suits this so well, and love those fabrics together.

  2. Love the 'square feathers' you did on this Lori. Did Renata like these as opposed to traditional feathers that are not to her liking?

  3. Yes those square feathers are a nice masculine option! I like how you used that shape in the second design as well.

  4. Beautiful quilt and quilting!