Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Reneta's Log Cabin

Reneta made this bold Log Cabin quilt as wedding gift for a lucky couple.  The colorful strips came from a jelly roll so it is a fairly large scale as far as log cabin quilts go with the strips finishing at 2" wide.

I decided on large scale free flowing feathers in the black areas.  Reneta is not normally a huge fan of feathers so I wanted to make sure they were relaxed and not too formal.

 I used the points from the piecing as the guide for the straight lines across the colorful log cabin strips.

The back is a grey Stonehenge fabric and it really allows the quilting to stand out.

The light was not cooperating when I was trying to take pictures but you get the ideas of how spectacular the entire quilt is.


  1. Love the fabric. I have used that same fabric. Love the log cabin look and the quilting!

  2. Great quilt and fabulous quilting way to go ladies ��

  3. Great quilting design on this one!