Sunday, September 18, 2016

Gail's Circle Dance

This beauty was made by Gail for her granddaughter.  Gail used the Crazy Curve 7" and Small Path 3.5" templates from Elisa's Back Porch to create the quilt.  The quilt is based on the Circle Dance pattern that it is included with the templates, but Gail put her own "Peacful" twist on it.

Instead of just joining 4 quarters together for the small circles, Gail tweaked the piecing to create Peace Symbols.  Love it!

Gail provided her favourite Hobbs 1000% cotton batting. She selected the "Yo-Yo" panto and asked that I select a thread that blended in as much as possible.  After a number of tries it was a very dark purple  - So Fine! #439 Amethyst  that didn't call too much attention it itself.

Gail creatively pieced he back with extra blocks and some fabric from her stash.

Because I knew this quilt was intended for a special individual I asked Gail if she would like me to add her granddaughter's name to the quilt. I loved how it turned out.

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  1. Beautiful, and even more so in person! Lovely job ladies.