Monday, November 14, 2016

Eleanor's Mini Lug Nuts

This hexagon quilt was made by Eleanor. It is so cheerful and fun, just like Eleanor who I finally got to meet in person.  I have quilted for Eleanor before, but as she lives in Michigan and I live in Manitoba we hadn't met.  Her quilts always came to me through her daughter and my friend Dawn.  

 Eleanor based her quilt off our Lug Nuts pattern, but since she had fat quarters instead of yardage and a 6" instead of a 10" 60 degree triangle ruler she just adapted things to suit her.

Eleanor had a very clear vision of the kind of quilting she wanted.  She was immediately drawn to the Dazzle pantograph, as she didn't want any curvy quilting lines.  I tried to show her some other options, but the artist knew what she liked!


The back is really fun as well and shows off the texture of the Dazzle panto really well.

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