Monday, December 19, 2016

Deck of Cards Challenge


The Nimble Thimbles Quilt Guild that I attend in Gilbert Plains hosted its Christmas gathering last week.  Part of the day included the reveal of the projects we created for our Deck of Cards Challenge. A few months ago you drew one card from a standard deck and were tasked with making a quilt that in some way related to that card.  The example we were given was the 9 of clubs with a quilt portraying a golf bag with a nine iron sticking out.  Here are the quilts that were created.  I will reveal the Cards later in the post so you can enjoy guessing.

1. Cheri made this one.


2. Velma's


3. Donelda's- I love the thread painted basket!


4. Dorothy's

5.  Gail's


6. Eleanor's


7. Debbie's


8. Pat's


9. Brenda's


10. Janice's


11. Sherry's


12. Mine - the classiest?

Have you figured it all out?  Here are the answers:

  1. 10 of spades
  2. 3 of clubs
  3. 4 of hearts
  4. 5 of hearts
  5. Ace of clubs
  6. King of hearts
  7. 8 of clubs
  8. 6 of clubs
  9. 6 of spades
  10. Queen of diamonds
  11. Jack of spades
  12. 7 of clubs
At this gathering we also exchange gifts with our secret friend.  Brenda gave me this amazing cross stitch and patchwork picture.  I love it!  A great group of ladies and a fun day indeed!



  1. Fantastic interpretations. And your gift, beautiful.

  2. What a great challenge. I still don't see the club in the reindeer quilt but what a cute quilt.