Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Bjorn Bear and Dogs in Sweaters

Amy and Reneta worked together to create a lap quilt and pillow for a friend who is going through some tough times.  The pattern for the quilt is Bjorn Bear by Elizabeth Hartman.  We used the Heartstrings panto.

I just love the glasses!

Reneta and Amy also made Elizabeth Hartman's "Dogs in Sweaters" Pattern for this pillow.  

The girls had a vision for the quilting.  I was asked to add the word "Courage" to the background and densely quilt around it to make it pop.  

I suggested adding something to the bottom corner for balance, we decided on adding Jill's name.  

Jill's beloved dog is a Dachshund, so the pillow is very fitting.  I couldn't help but give this guy a fancy sweater!

1 comment:

  1. Argyll diamonds on a dachshund, perfect. And the quilting around the words. so special. I hope Jill is coping with everything that is thrown at her, and her quilt and her pillow are comfort all wrapped up with love.