Friday, September 21, 2018

Custom Wedding Quilt

I had the honor of quilting this custom designed panel for my super talented friend Dawn.  This quilt was used as part of the wedding decor for her son and daughter-in-law's wedding this summer.  It was an awesome photo back drop for guests.

Dawn is usually busy making amazing art quilts,  which you can see at  but she has some pretty awesome graphic design skills too.  She created both my Night Owl Quilting logo and our Highway 10 Designs logo.  She used meaningful words and phrases, combined with her artistic vision to create the panel that you see above.  She then sent her design to a special fabric printer that could handle wide goods to be printed. 

All I did was quilt the Fascination panto to add a nice even texture and not take away from the design.  Enjoy looking at some of the details!

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