Thursday, January 24, 2019

International Exchange #3


It has been a couple of years since Kathy, Desley, Bronwyn and I finished our last Round Robin  exchange.  The concept has been different each time.  The first time was the most traditional where we each started with a center block and took turns working on each others.  You can see those results here.  Our second exchange involved all of us selecting our own focus fabric, then making blocks for each other and another group member putting your top together.  Kathy shares the results here.

This time is more of a block exchange than a round robin.  Everyone has been given yardage of the print you see above.  Every two months we will be given a block style to make.  You can use any fabrics you like as long as you include a piece of the floral print in the block somewhere.  The print has lots of colors to highlight, so we expect lots of interesting blocks.

Our November theme was Log Cabin or a Log Cabin Variation.  I chose to put four offset log cabin blocks together, and added the print in a "10 Minute Block" style center.   Every month we are making 4 identical blocks, one for each participant that we will exchange at the end 5 themes.

This is Bronwyn's take on the log cabin.  I love how the majority of her block is the print.

Desley made this one that is totally different again.

And finally Kathy's block which is the most similar to mine, but still unique.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's versions of a Dresden at the end of February/

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