Thursday, March 19, 2020

Audrey's Quarter Sections

 I had the pleasure of quilting Audrey's version of our Highway 10 Designs Quarter Sections quilt.  Audrey had a vision for this quilt that influenced everything from her color palette to the quilting design that she chose.

Audrey shared that to her the center of the quilt represents the fields flourishing and in fallow.  The outer border is the highway running alongside and the inner border is the ditch between.  After hearing this I knew fancy feathery border was not what this quilt needed!  Audrey opted for the Breath of the gods pantograph which perfectly adds the touch of wind blowing across the prairie landscape.

Audrey plans to keep this quilt for herself, which is not something I hear my clients say often!

Quarter Sections is a fat quarter friendly pattern that includes 6 sizes ranging in size from baby to king.  PDF downloads and paper copies are available on the Highway 10 Designs website.


  1. My vision brought to reality expertly. The Breath of god panto was the absolutely perfect choice. Thanks so much, Lori

  2. Love the colours. perfect panto, and as ever, great photo settings out there, specially the last one over a bare branch. The choices for where you take a photo makes such an impact on the way the quilt shows itself to us. Love every one.